Safety to a higher standard.

API, a wholly owned Danos company, operates under the Danos award-winning Behavior Based Safety System.

As a commitment to our customers, our employees and the environment, Danos maintains strict compliance with regulatory bodies that define the standards for oil and gas operations across the globe.

We provide our workforce with an HS&E staff and dedicated Safety Department to identify hazards, prevent injuries and minimize overall risk on site. Our team also includes a dedicated Training & Compliance group to ensure all regulatory obligations are met in a timely manner.

Additionally, Danos staff and management are well versed and compliant with Safety & Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) plans. We work with our customers to meet these safety and environmental guidelines set by the Bureau of Offshore Energy & Management (BOEM) in November 2011. For more information on attaining Contractor Interface Documents or Expectation Letters, please visit or contact a Danos representative.

Safety first.

As a company, we are all about protecting investments—both professional and personal. API, a Danos company, goes to great lengths to create an environment of safety and minimized risk and overall well-being for our most valuable assets: our employees.

There is no greater value at Danos than ensuring the well-being of our employees. Our company culture reinforces individual responsibility as a means to increasing both personal safety, as well as the safety of fellow employees. From minimizing risk on the platform to emphasizing safety through education, Danos goes above and beyond to protect every team member.

Our goals are simple:

To achieve these goals, our strategies include:

By ensuring procedures for handling risks, protecting employee quality of life and routinely revisiting existing policy, we continuously seek to improve work environments and programs. It’s not just something that has to be done—it's the right thing to do. And it's another reason you can feel good about partnering with API, a Danos company